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The Smart Storage Bunker


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SmartBunker® Coal, Slack, Wood Pellets, Salt, Grit, Animal Feed Storage Bunker. 

The original SmartBunker® product was designed to help fill a coal bucket from a traditional coal storage bunker.  
When the bunker was full, it was difficult to shovel coal out due to the weight from above. 
When it was empty it was difficult to gather coals which were scattered or had accumulated at the back of the bunker.

The benefits of the SmartBunker® soon became obvious as the coal was easy to store, stayed dry and was straightforward to dispense.

The company’s first product  was The SmartBunkerTM, an innovative storage bunker with a spring-loaded side lever which releases stacked product at the bottom of the container, where, for example, a bucket can be placed instead of having to use a shovel or scoop.

The Smart Bunker is a simple solution to an age-old problem. Until now, there has been no product that robustly addresses user ability and Health and Safety issues as well as the Smart Bunker.

Receiving customer feedback additional uses for the storage bunker became apparent including storage and dispensing of produce such as Animal Feed, Salt & Grit, Compost, Wood Pellets, Coal, Slack, or any dry product which would include dog food, bird feed in zoos, pigeon lofts, aviaries etc.

The Smart Bunker prevents condensation keeping your wood pellets dry making it the perfect storage solution for wood pellets. 
The Smart Bunker also protects your Burner/ Boiler as condensation can cause moisture ingress into wood pellets which can badly damage your burner/ boiler.


Wood Pellets


Keeps Wood Pellets
First in First out Wood Pellet Rotation
Waterproof & Secure Locking Lid
Stores up to 200kg
Easy to Dispense System
Assembled in less than 5 minutes
For Indoor & Outdoor use

Animal Feed

The perfect storage bin for animal feed, whether it is for your farm animal or family pet, the smart bunker has an easy to dispense lever, keeping animal feed dry, fresh (first in first out), and vermin proof. 


First in First out Meal Rotation
Tested by Food & Agricultural Education & Training College
Secure Locking & Vermin Proof
Waterproof Storage
Stores up to 200kg
Easy to Dispense System
Assembled in less than 5 minutes
For Indoor & Outdoor use

Coal & Slack

"The best coal storage bunker on the market has to be the Smart Bunker.” It’s easy to dispense and refill features remove the need to shovel the coal from ground level into a bucket, reducing bending and lifting.


Perfect for Regular Shaped Coal and Slack
First in First out Coal Rotation
Easy to Re-Fill
Secure Locking
Waterproof Storage
Stores up to 200kg
Easy to Dispense Mechanism
Assembled in less than 5 minutes

Salt & Grit

"The Smart Bunker prevents condensation and damp keeping your salt and grit dry making it the perfect storage solution for salt or grit during the winter months.


Airtight & Secure Locking Lid
First in First out Salt or Grit Rotation
Stores up to 200kg
Easy to Dispense System
Assembled in less than 5 minutes
For Indoor & Outdoor use

Size: H. 1200mm  D.730mm  W. 830mm allowing for handle.

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Frequently Asked Questions from our Smart Bunker Customers:

Q1. What can I use the Smart Bunker For?

A. The Smart Bunker is a Multi Purpose Unit, which can be used for Coal & Slack Wood Pellets, Salt and Grit, and Animal Feed, Any Dry Product


Q2. What is the storage capacity of the Smart Bunker?

A. The Smart Bunker can hold up to 200kg. Depending on Density of the product, Coal 160kgs, Animal Feed 190 kgs, Wood Pellets, 170 kgs, Salt & Grit 200kgs,


Q3. Can the Smart Bunker be used for large Coal?

A. The Smart Bunker, can be used for coal up to the size of 3″ Coal sometimes will bridge if this occurs, Smartly pull the handle down around 4 inches and let the handle go as the handle returns hitting the hopper, this will shake the hopper breaking the bridging to release the coal, nugget shape coal not recommended as to bridging effect.


Q4. Bucket sizes that can be used for the smart bunker

A. Standard bucket up to 280mm in height, base 240mm to fit inside horseshoe


Q5. Is the Smart Bunker fully waterproof/vermin proof ? 

A. Yes the Smart Bunker is fully waterproof and vermin proof, first feed in is the first feed out, ensuring animal feed is fresh and free from contamination .


Q6. Is the Smart Bunker Lockable?

A. The Smart Bunker is supplied with 2 keys for Lockable lid, and can be fully secured to the ground with 4 holes placed in the base to reduce the risk of Theft or Contamination.


Q7. Will the Smart Bunker Save me money?

A. Yes the Smart Bunker Eliminates any waste, as the inner chute ensures your product goes straight into the bucket, were the correct amount is deposited with the spring-loaded side lever smartly pull the handle down to fill to the correct amount.

Q 8. How do you assemble the Smart Bunker?

A. Yes the Smart Bunker can be fully assembled in 5 minutes with full instructions included enabling assembly in 5 minutes.

Price includes delivery to UK and Ireland ONLY - if delivery is to a country other than these two please email for shipping costs.
The Smart Storage Bunker will be securely packaged for despatch.

When ordering you can choose the following colors : Black, Blue or Yellow.

  • Model: GSB-SB

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