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Blackthorn Walking Sticks

Why choose Irish Blackthorn Walking Sticks?

The Irish blackthorn walking sticks offer excellent support while walking. These blackthorn walking sticks are made from hardwood using a blackthorn walking stick gives strong sturdy support as well as being both eye catching and visually aesthetic. The Irish blackthorn walking stick is one of the most popular walking sticks available and authentic Irish blackthorn walking sticks are sought worldwide.

As well as being used for support while walking many people collect Irish blackthorn walking sticks because of their Irish ancestry or the rich history associated with Irish blackthorn walking sticks as well as their unique style. Having a beautiful knot and taper design which helps support you each step of the way also provides you with a high quality fashion accessory.

If you are considering purchasing a blackthorn walking stick you should choose wisely. There are many web stores offering imitation Irish blackthorn walking sticks, there are even plastic imitations that may indeed look very like the original and it is easy to be fooled. Our Irish blackthorn walking sticks are 100% authentic, handcrafted with great care by expert craftsmen using methods passed on from generation to generation for centuries and using only locally sourced Irish blackthorn as the raw material. Our products are unique, durable, strong and a treasured gift or perfect for personal use.

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